You have 10 days to act

If you fail to take immediate action within 30 days, your license will be AUTOMATICALLY suspended as a result of being arrested for DUI.

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Do Your Research

When you are looking for a Gaston County DUI attorney, it is important to keep in mind their experience and success record. Your driving privileges and rights are very important to you. It's important to select the best.




North Carolina has overwhelming consequences for DUI and a drunk driving indictment could have results which could stick with you for a lifetime. It truly is crucial that you contact an excellent Gaston County DUI attorney to evaluate your court case and identify a sensible defense. Responding without delay may likely identify possibilities to fight the charges leading to them quite possibly being dismissed or reduced and can eliminate any penalties you could very well face.

Driving under the influence could possibly bring about a wide array of penalties, among them criminal penalties and civil penalties including serious fines along with the revocation of your driving privileges. You are only given 30 days to fight the immediate suspension of your driving license, so time is critical. A Gaston County DUI attorney will move quickly in your defense to safeguard your rights and freedom.

Though DUI charges might seem impossible to overcome, you have options. A Gaston County DUI attorney can provide specifics about potential DUI penalties and strong DUI defenses which could be pertinent to your case. They can also assist you to restore your driver's license, advise you on Vehicle Impoundment and represent you at DMV Hearings.

Gaston County DUI attorneys defend those arrested for DUI & Drugs, visitors accused of out of state DUI, and teens facing Underage DUI charges. No matter if this is a first-time DUI or you have earlier convictions for Multiple DUI charges, a well established law firm that specializes in DUI can offer knowledgeable legal representation.

Should you be up against more serious charges for example, DUI with Personal Injury, Leaving the Scene, or Vehicular Manslaughter it is very important for you to call a high quality Gaston County DUI law firm at once. These charges can carry penalties and fines in the tens of thousands and up to 30 years in jail.

A Gaston County DUI lawyer will consult with you, look at the evidence, go over your possible choices, and determine a defense strategy which offers you the greatest likelihood of successfully moving past your DUI arrest as easily as is possible.